" Every tick-tock is a second of life that passes by, that flees never to repeat itself. And it holds such intensity, such interest that the only problem is knowing how to live. May each person solve it as best they can”

- Frida Kahlo

Artist, painter

cross church Tarahumara family Copper Canyon Chihuahua Mexico

Mexico is a country that lives with such intensity. A culture so infatuated by death that it has a greater appreciation for life.  A country where indigenous cultures, natural splendor, rich traditions, contrasting landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and rural communities all collide to form one great nation.

Once a land of the Aztecs and Mayans, Mexico is filled with ancient ruins, archeological and world heritage sites. Its geography boasts cacti forests and canyon-lands to its north, exotic beaches drape the country’s vast coastal region, while jungle inhabits a large portion of the south. Mexico is like an entire world in one country.

A country with a rich history whom has fought fiercely for its right to gain independence. Mexicans, with its revolutionary ideals and strength to fight for righteousness, we could all stand to learn something from this remarkable country. 

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