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Icefields Parkway Road Jasper Banff National Park Canada



We are so excited that you are here to join us in our round the world travel blog adventure. This first post is designed to give you, the reader, insight into what our website is all about.

How our round the world travel blog came to be

Travel has been a big part of our lives for several years, you could say that we are a bit addicted to it. It wasn’t until we got married that we decided to start saving for an adventure of full-time travel. In the process of saving, our round the world travel blog was created. Through this website we will share our experiences on the road, offer practical travel resources and travel guides, provide inspiration through photography and much more! Best of all, our site is bilingual! All of our content will be offered in English and Spanish. Enjoy! Disfruta!

Round the world travel blog featured content

The first featured content of our round the world travel blog will focus on travel throughout America. We recently returned from a 3 month road trip through Alaska and Canada where we traveled and lived out of our converted camper SUV. The first posts will feature content from our road trip and include in-depth travel guides, photography posts, camper life posts, practical guides for travel budgets, camper conversions and much more!

Be sure and stay tuned for new content as we continue our travels through Mexico, Central and South America!


How to navigate our round the world travel blog

First, learn a little about who we are, our travel-style and how our round the world travel blog came to be under the who we are tab.

Jump over to blog and find our posts organized in chronological order. This is where you will be able to access our most recent posts to date, or search for older content.

If you are looking for destination-specific posts, click on the destinations tab to be directed to posts organized by location.


Travel Resources

Take a look at the travel resources section of our round the world travel blog and find travel guides, travel budgets and a section on camper life. Our travel guides will feature comprehensive, day-by-day guides, focusing on authentic travel experiences around the world.

We are all about budget-friendly travel and we are here to help you establish a reasonable travel budget for your next destination. Under the travel budgets section you will find a practical and detailed, destination specific breakdown of all of our expenses throughout our round the world trip.

Under the camper life you will find posts relating to our experiences living out of our converted camper SUV while traveling through Alaska and Canada, as well as practical guides for building your own camper SUV.

Car camping in Lac La Hache, BC, Canada.
Exploring the Canadian wilderness – Lac La Hache, BC, Canada.


Don’t miss our RTW trip travel journal

Our RTW trip journal offers a more intimate look into our day-to-day life on the road. A weekly journal entry published in our round the world travel blog will address everything from highlights or hardships of the week, to people and places that have inspired us. Our journal entries may contain subjects as lighthearted as new gastronomy experiences, or as heavy as social and environmental injustices witnessed around the world.

Round The World Blog Jess writing ideas on a notebook
Journaling at a cozy cabin in Wrangell St. Elias, Alaska



As we are both avid, hobbyist photographers, our round the world travel blog will feature an abundance of photography related posts. We will share our journey around the world through images of stunning landscapes, unique cultures and people, indigenous wildlife, and more. Connect with the world through our photographs as we attempt to capture the authenticity and unique beauty of the places we visit.


Connect with our social media

The Beating Road will be connecting with various social media channels to help engage our readers: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

At the  present moment we have 3 videos on our Youtube channel. The first one, a fun 1 minute trailer we prepared to help generate anticipation prior launching our site (you can watch it right below!).

The second, a comprehensive DIY tutorial to convert your SUV into a camper.

Finally, the third video is an extension of the previous video, where we offer further information about the best features of our camper conversion, such as a kitchen that transforms into a dining area.


Final Thoughts

Thank you for your patients as we continue to build up our round the world travel blog. In the beginning, we will have minimal content to share and many of the sections will be empty, but as we continue to travel our website will continue to grow. We are passionate about travel and look forward to sharing our experiences with you. We will do our best to present our content in an engaging and charismatic fashion. As you follow along on our journey, we hope that The Beating Road will inspire you to travel with your heart and seek out a life full of adventure, whatever that may mean to you.

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