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SUV Sleeping Platform: A Complete DIY Guide

SUV Sleeping platform in the Arctic Circle, Alaska

Can you imagine the freedom you will have after building a sleeping platform, and converting your SUV into a house on wheels?
Imagine sleeping in remote mountains, by enchanting lakes, sunny beaches, under the stars… or even surrounded by the Northern Lights! This is only a very small sample of all the places our converted camper SUV, with a DIY sleeping platform, took us during our first road trip to Alaska and Canada.

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Kenai Peninsula Alaska: The Ultimate Road Trip Guide

Kenai Peninsula Alaska

A road trip through the stunning Kenai Peninsula of Alaska is the perfect way to experience the very best Alaska has to offer. For first time visitors, if we had to recommend one area of Alaska to focus on, the Kenai Peninsula would be it! The Kenai Peninsula, often referred to as Alaska’s playground, encompasses everything that the average person thinks of when they think of Alaska. Rugged coastline, marine and land wildlife in their natural habitat, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and fjords are only a few of the highlights that you can expect while visiting the Kenai Peninsula region of Alaska.

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Driving the Dalton Highway: A Comprehensive Guide

Driving the Dalton Highway, Alaska

Driving the Dalton Highway, one of the world’s most remote roads, is not for the faint of heart and can be challenging at times, but it is completely worth it! If you are planning to take this incredible Alaska road trip, this means you are a serious adventure seeker!
Get ready for the road trip of a lifetime as you travel Alaska’s northernmost highway, leading through a raw, unforgiving wilderness. Come face to face with indigenous wildlife, vast, unfiltered landscapes and unforgettable, dynamic scenery.

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