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Welcome! We are from Pedro from Spain and Jessica from the United States. Our independent love for travel ultimately brought us together in August 2015 and resulted in a slightly inappropriate Couchsurfers love story for the ages!

Since day one we have shared a passion for adventure and the dream of traveling the world. In order to make our dream a reality we devised a long-term plan, including our “world trip bank account,” that would allow us to create the life of our dreams.

Sacrifices were made, expenses were kept to a bare minimum, and our lives as solo travelers were over as we knew it. We quickly learned that anything is possible if you are willing to work for it.

Fast forward to three years later… we got married in the Pyrenees and have officially embarked on our trip around the world! We can’t say for sure where this journey will take us, or for how long, but we are determined to make the most of this time on the road!

While on the road…

… we love to experience a country, city, or specific destination by connecting to its history, culture, landscapes and people… even wildlife! We are drawn to being out in nature and veering off the beaten path, but we also find ourselves on a constant quest of seeking out hidden gems in the more popular destinations. You will likely find us road tripping across various countries, trekking through remote mountainous regions, and planning our days around the golden hour.

Through the process of turning our dream into reality, The Beating Road was born. With this blog we hope to spark the wanderlust in everyone and encourage you to travel with your heart, finding that adventure that will make your soul smile. On our site you will find photographs of people and places that inspire us, stories of our adventures, travel guides and tips, and much more. Make yourself at home, we’re pleased to have you with us on this journey.

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Jess is a true wanderer and a pure, free spirit. Her eagerness to explore new destinations and live new experiences has no limits. She is an outstanding master in understanding (and living by) what really matters in life. Her ability to detach from things would make some Buddhists jealous.

Jess walks through her bohemian fairy-tale daydreams with a backpack and muddy hiking boots. Romantic at heart, but also practical and determined, she is a perfectionist and can be hard-headed, but a bowl of ramen with miso eggs will always convince her to do anything. That being said, when it’s time to prepare for the next destination, it’s better not to argue with her; she’s the ultimate trip planner!

When we’re not traveling, she loves hanging out with Lily, an amazing Yorkshire-Terrier she rescued 12 years ago. You can say that her infinite love for animals and nature define her love for life.

When she’s not pestering me, you can find her lost in the mountains, behind a plate of asian food or making our photos look great in Lightroom.

Cities I have lived in: Phoenix (AZ); Seattle (WA); Santa Monica (CA); Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Countries visited (before the RTW trip): Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuba, Cambodia.
My favorite city thus far is: Venice- A city that satisfies my craving for old world charm and romance.
My favorite destination thus far is: Canadian Rockies.
A place that stole your heart: La Vall de Boí, Catalunya / Spain.
I am most eager to visit which destinations: New Zealand, Ethiopia, Peru.
If I could make true one travel dream it would be: To go to all of the National Parks in every country I visit.
My favorite things to do while traveling are: Hiking, photography and tasting the local cuisine.
Favorite food: I think that I could live off of curry and ramen… with chocolate molten lava cake and vanilla bean ice-cream for dessert.
Favorite drink: A good espresso or London Fog.
My go-to band to listen to while traveling is: That really depends on the moment but Sigur Rós is ALWAYS a great choice.
When I’m not traveling I am … Exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
Passions: Photography, writing, hiking and travel.
One dream: To see the world with my love.


Pedro is from Spain but his true passions in life could confuse him as being a local of the Pacific Northwest, e.g, music, IPA, coffee and his wife- in this particular order. Pedro knows more about music than anyone I’ve ever met and has a vinyl collection worth more than our “round the world” travel budget. Most of the time he can be seen sporting a thick beard that makes other men envious. Offer him an IPA and he will consider you his new best friend. Invite him to a concert and he will consider himself forever indebted to you. Pedro is a brilliant conversationalist and writer. A true Spanish romantic whom has been forced to adapt to his wife’s English tongue.

Besides his questionable taste of road trip music (is stoner doom or dissonant death metal really a thing?) Pedro is the perfect travel companion, as he is always up for everything! Just be careful not to set him loose with a camera, especially when there is wildlife around- he is notorious for falling into a photography induced trance. Pedro likes to think of himself as a recovered fútbol addict, but those who know him best are fully aware that this is only an illusion. When Pedro is not traveling he can be found researching new music, at a concert, or daydreaming about which vinyl to add to his collection- do you see a trend here?

Cities I have lived in: Barcelona, Valencia (Spain); Wuhan (China); Seattle (USA).
Countries visited (before the RTW trip): Spain, France, Italy, Andorra, Austria, Germany, Norway, USA, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, Morocco, India, Nepal, China.
My favorite city thus far is: Paris.
My favorite destination thus far is: Alaska.
A place that stole your heart: Nepal.
I am most eager to visit which destinations: Japan, Kyrgyzstan and Kenya.
If I could make true one travel dream it would be: To discover every single country in the world.
My favorite things to do while traveling are: Photography, wandering the streets without a destination in mind, eating local food, getting lost in the nature, meet locals in small towns.
Favorite food: I have a different one every day! Today, I’ll say pulpo a la gallega (Octopus a la gallega).
Favorite drink: Imperial / double IPA beer.
My go-to band to listen to while traveling is: This is the hardest question for me, I’d change my mind every half an hour. Right now, I’ll say Godspeed You! Black Emperor.
When I’m not traveling I am … Going to concerts, listening to music, hanging out with my friends, taking photos, watching movies and shows, and going outdoors with my wife 😊
Passions: Besides traveling, music, photography, movies/series, nature.
One dream: A world full of light.

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